Command and Staff Faculty

The „Command-Staff“ Faculty is the main unit of the Military Academy „G. S. Rakovski“

An Order, signed on September 27, 1950 by Major General Asen Krastev, head of the Rakovski National Defence College is considered as the foundation of the Faculty. The Faculty has been the successor of the „Operational-Tactical“ Faculty since 2003.

  • Department „Organization of the educational process“

  • Ground troops
  • Air Force and Air Defense
  • Navy
  • Logistics
  • Communication and information systems
  • Emergency management

The mission of the faculty is to acquire, preserve, develop and teach the necessary knowledge, to educate and form competencies of leaders and experts capable of managing the armed forces and other elements of the defense and security systems in a national and union format.

  • Functions and tasks
  • Main goals of the faculty
  • Main tasks of the faculty
  • Vision
  • Accreditation
  • Educational activity
  • Scientific and research activity
  • International cooperation

The „Command and Staff“ Faculty has the „LLOYD’S REGISTER“ International Certificate in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard

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Dean of the FCSH
Col. Prof. Dr. Emil Enev
Phone : +359 2 92 26515

Deputy Dean of the FCSH
Col. Prof. Dr. Petrana Kokudeva
Phone : +359 2 92 26516