The Chair of Logistics at Rakovski National Defence College has solemnly celebrated 20 years since its establishment

The Chair of Logistics was established on April 1, 2001 on the basis of the unification of the logistics staff in the academy – Material Support, Armoured Vehicle Support Management and Artillery Armament.

The training of logistics staff at the Academy has deep historical roots and over 100 years of tradition, said in his celebratory speech the head of the chair, Colonel Prof. Miroslav Dimitrov, PhD. We can proudly declare that at present, he pointed out, the training of students in the specialization „Logistics“ is at a high level.

It has been structured and synchronized with the mission and tasks performed by the Bulgarian Armed Forces. This is an assessment, given by the users of staff, too.

This was also confirmed by the Commandant of Rakovski National Defence College, Major General Grudi Angelov, PhD, who stressed out that the feedback from the commanders and chiefs, concerning the staff training, is positive.

It is impressive that the chair has significance far beyond our borders. In recent years, officers from China and the Republic of Northern Macedonia have completed the Logistics specialization with honors. With the help of France, a Regional Logistics Center was opened in 2005. Thanks to it, a large number of Bulgarian officers, sergeants and soldiers were trained, as well as foreign officers from Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Northern Macedonia and Croatia.

Through the second master’s program for training students „Security and Defense Logistics“ more and more civilian experts are given the opportunity to gain knowledge. Graduates, who  have successfully completed the training,  work in departments and institutions, in the national security system, the central and local administration. More than 30 doctoral students have been trained since the establishment of the chair until today. We strive to work on the principle of the three „p“, said Colonel Dimitrov, ie. persistance, professionalism and perspective.

This includes rejuvenation of the teaching staff in the department.

The conclusion of the head of the chair is: „We have reason to say that we have the potential and expertise to work for further improvement of the military education system in the field of logistics and to successfully overcome the new challenges.“

For the successes achieved, in connection with the celebration, by order of the Minister of Defense Georgi Panayotov, with an item award „Souvenir knife for AK – 47“ was awarded Lieutenant Colonel Georgi Marinov, PhD, and with a diploma – Lieutenant Colonel Dimitar Kirilov, PhD. The awards were presented by the Chief of Defence Admiral Emil Eftimov. 

„The tendency is positive, you follow the standards and for that reason you give the necessary knowledge and training to hundreds of personnel from the Armed Forces and other institutions of the national security system,“ Admiral Eftimov stressed out in his greeting. He focused on the basic points of the top military leadership concerning logistics. They are mostly related to the results of the Strategic Defence Review and the optimization of the logistics structures of the Bulgarian Army. He even recommended a doctoral topic related to the Strategic Defence Review, the formation, development and validation of the Logistics Support Command. From his words it became clear that the goal is to create a modern model of logistics management in the Armed Forces. In this sense, he stressed out the need to strengthen the link between science and practice.

Admiral Eftimov presented the head of the chair with a plaque of the Defense Staff.

By order of the Commandant of Rakovski National Defence College, with a diploma were awarded Colonel Prof. Miroslav Dimitrov, PhD, Colonel of the Reserve Assoc. Prof. Trifon Trifonov, PhD,  Colonel of the Reserve Assoc. Prof. Stefan Stefanov, PhD,  Colonel of the Reserve Assoc. Prof. Boncho Botev, PhD,  Reserve colonel Milen Marinov, Reserve colonel Lyudmil Haralanov, Reserve colonel Valentin Georgiev, Reserve lieutenant colonel  Ivan Popov, PhD, Reserve lieutenant colonel Ilian Stefanov and Prof. Vikenti Spasov, PhD,.

The awards were presented by Major General Grudi Angelov, PhD, and he thanked those who created today’s team of teachers of the chair, namely the veterans, assuring them that their work continues successfully.

Greetings were also given by the Chief of the Logistics Directorate of the Defence Staff, Brigadier General Mitko Grigorov, the Vice-Rector of UNWE Prof. Miroslava Rakovska, PhD,  the Commandant of the Vasil Levski National University, Brigadier General Ivan Malamov, Colonel Milen Iliev, Chief of Department of Education and Qualification in the Directorate of Human Resources Management in Defence, the Commander of the JCF, the commanders of the Armed Forces and military formations, heads of chairs of military and civilian higher education institutions.

The Commandant of the Naval Academy flotilla admiral Prof. Boyan Mednikarov had sent an icon to „St. Nikolay the Miracleworker“. There was also a video message from the University of Norwich, USA.

Happy holiday, colleagues!