StrategicCompass, Sofia, May 31, 2022

Rakovski National Defence College /Bulgaria/, the French Embassy in Sofia and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation /Germany/ are organizing an international conference to discuss the consequences and practical steps for the implementation of the EU’s Strategic Compass.

2022 is a strategic year for the Common Security and Defence Policy through the EU’s Strategic Compass (SC), European autonomy and sovereignty concepts. The month of March was a defining moment for European defence architecture when Europeans decided how to better link the EU’s strategic, operational and capability needs and what Europe they strive for.

Тhe recently adopted by the European Council Strategic Compass provides the EU with a tool for risk assessment, outlines the ambitions in coping with threats and challenges and guides the development of military and civilian capabilities. Each of these elements is of tremendous importance, as only in harmony they will allow the EU to realize its ambition to be a “security provider”.

In an era of strategic competition, complex security threats and tensions rising on the EU’s eastern borders, the Union shall preserve its unity and its cooperation with NATO in order to better anticipate and prepare for risks and challenges out to 2030.

At the time of strategic rethinking and the need for strategic actions, the power of collective knowledge, experience and intellectual imagination of civil society, policy makers, academia, media and young people, are more important than ever before. Thorough analysis and timely decisions will help the EU set its goals precisely by mobilizing the necessary resources and further developing its capabilities to act faster and more decisively to protect European citizens, values and interests and contribute to international peace and security.


1. Navigating through a challenging and dynamic security environment. Which direction is the European Union going in with its new Strategic Compass?
2. The EU’s Strategic Compass and its four baskets – Crisis management, Resilience, Capability Development, Partnerships. What now?
3. Developing capacities for the EU missions and operations. What is the EU’s level of ambition and how can the EU become a more effective security provider?
4. Building European Defence capabilities. How to further develop the European defence industrial base?
5. European strategic autonomy and its implications for EU-NATO cooperation and the transatlantic balance in security and defence. The EU’s Strategic Compass and the New NATO’s Strategic concept – between Sinergy and Divergence?




Major General Todor Dochev – Commandant of Rakovski National Defence College
Col. Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Tashkov – Deputy Commandant of Rakovski National Defence College, PhD
Mrs Stephanie Petitbon – First Counsellor of the Republic of France to Bulgaria
Col. Prof. Georgi Dimov, PhD
Col. Prof. Emil Enev, PhD
Prof. Mitko Stoykov, DSc
Col. Prof. Petar Hristov, PhD
Col. Prof. Miroslav Dimitrov, PhD
Technical secretaries:
Assist. Atanaska Popova, PhD 02/92 26675
Assist. Maria Nenovska 02/92 26512
Evgenia Naneva 02/92 26512

Contacts with the organising committee:
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82, Evlogi i Hristo Georgievi Blvd.
Rakovski National Defence College
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We kindly request to confirm your participation by 13-th of May 2022.