Rakovski National Defence College is a leading national educational institution and a main pillar of Bulgarian military education, a guarantor of statehood. It is not only the oldest higher military school in the country, but also the most authoritative Bulgarian center for building and forming competent civilian leaders and capable military commanders in the field of security and defence. It was established by an Act on 1 of March, 1912 as the third higher school in the Tsardom of Bulgaria. Throughout its 110-year history, the College has proven to be one of the most important institutions in the higher education system. Our military Alma Mater has made an outstanding contribution to the formation of the state elite of the Republic of Bulgaria, which is indisputable proof of the importance of the training received here.

The College is a leader in the sphere of national security and defence – not only in Bulgaria but also internationally. It actively participates in international cooperation in the interest of the development of education. This undoubtedly determines its first place in the professional field of Military Affairs, which it occupies in the rating system of higher education in the Republic of Bulgaria. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the number of students in our institution is growing: in the last three years it has doubled. In order to facilitate the opportunity for more young people from places far from the capital to study with us, we have built a new dormitory. We have also improved the conditions for sports.

The diploma of the College, which is already an established symbol of tradition, quality of education and prestige, is obtained after completion of training in one of the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. Our students have the opportunity to receive excellent training, as well as to study at a partner university abroad under the Erasmus + program of the European Union. Students with bachelor’s and master’s degrees can achieve professional development not only in the structures of security and defence, but also in the bodies of state and local government, public life and business circles, as well as in international structures of the European and Euro-Atlantic system.

Modernity brings a new impetus to our efforts to preserve and develop our traditions and values. In a complex competitive environment, the College strives to anticipate changes of our dynamic times. In such conditions it is a real challenge to make science!

Today, we all face not only the still untamed coronavirus, but other future challenges as well. This encourages us to offer the best possible training! The Defence College has always strived and continues to aim at building leaders who are educated in the spirit of loyalty and devotion to the Bulgarian people and state; who know the current problems of the security environment, and how to react in difficult conditions: in crisis management, disasters and global cataclysms.

In the new academic year, our efforts focus on finding modern innovative ways and forms of quality education in completely renovated and equipped classrooms. The College has turned education into a continuous process of development and improvement. We support our students to think innovatively, to boldly demonstrate the acquired knowledge, to be active citizens, proud Bulgarians and individuals of integrity, to prepare as leaders of the new age.

The educational process in the College is integrated, combining training, research and practice. Modern forms for testing and assessment of knowledge have been introduced in the curricula. In the conditions of the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, interactive classes prevail. Modernisation and expanding the package of knowledge and skills we provide to students are and will be a key element in the policies of the academic staff. Both teachers and students are eager to return to the classrooms.

Our aim is to establish and raise the role of Rakovski National Defence College as a leading national institution for higher education, qualification, scientific and applied research.