Graduation ceremony at Rakovski National Defence College

At an official ceremony 8 officers from the Alumni class „Georgi Stoykov Rakovski“ 2021 – 1st shift received their diplomas. The officers graduated from the specialty Strategic Management of Defence and the Armed Forces. One of them is a serviceman from the People’s Republic of China, and one – from the Republic of Northern Macedonia. All officers have excellent results. Thirty students who completed their studies in the professional fields of National Security and Psychology in various specialties at the National Security and Defence Faculty and the Command and Staff Faculty also received their diplomas. Fourteen students have excellent results.

It is no coincidence that this class was named after the great Bulgarian patriot and patron of the College Georgi Stoykov Rakovski. This year we are celebrating his 200th anniversary. He was the founder and Patriarch of the Bulgarian national liberation movement. 

The Deputy Commandant of Rakovski National Defence College for Academics and Research, Colonel Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dimitar Tashkov, welcomed the Deputy Chief of Defence Lieutenant General Tsanko Stoykov.

On behalf of the senior military leadership, Lieutenant General Tsanko Stoykov greeted the officers and students from the National Security and Defence Faculty and the Command and Staff Faculty. He expressed his appreciation to the Command of the College and the faculty members for their efforts to conduct training that corresponds to the professional development of servicemen and the personnel for the needs of the central and territorial administration. „This is an important stage in your career path“, Colonel Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dimitar Tashkov emphasized in his speech, addressing the graduates. „We gave you the direction, and the rest depends on you to achieve further professional success. It is not enough to be just an expert; you have to be able to take responsibility, to be a leader, which is more and more needed for the army and our society today“, Colonel Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tashkov added.