English Native Speakers as Guest Lecturers in English Language Classes at Rakovski National Defence College

The new year 2024 began with an interesting record for the English language training at Rakovski National Defence College: a total of 54 trainees from the Ministry of Defense and various structures directly subordinate to the Minister of Defense and The Bulgarian army are trained in five English language qualification courses, not only by the teachers from the Language Training Department, but by three native English language guest teachers. Native speakers are involved in the learning process for the first time in the long history of English language training at Rakovski National Defence College.

Flt Lt Harry Pitt and Fg Off Oliver Rogers-Jones are servicemen from the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom. They supported the development of trainers’ communication skills in the English language courses within the period

8-19.01.2024 thanks to the Native Tongue – Bulgaria program, organized with the assistance of the British Embassy in Bulgaria. From 29.01 to 06.02.2024 Lt (RN) Matt Enright joined the English classes of the same program.

Mr. Joel Bryant has extensive teaching experience and is at Rakovski National Defence College through the English Language Fellow program of the US Department of State. He will be part of the teaching team of the Language Training Department until June 30, 2024 and will contribute with his knowledge to the development and enrichment not only of pronunciation, but also of all other language skills of the students in the English language courses at the College.

The feedback from the trainees is extremely positive, as they not only have the opportunity to communicate formally and informally with native speakers, but also to enrich their professional military knowledge and that of British and American culture.