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Defence Advanced Research Institute

Distance Learning and Language Training

Rakovski National Defence College is the oldest higher military institution in Bulgaria.

The College was founded with an Act of the 15th National Assembly on March 1, 1912 in Sofia and has its own flag, seal and official holiday on April 14.

PhD Programmes

Rakovski National Defence College is accredited by 10 doctoral specialties in several fields of higher education.

Masters Programmes

At Rakovski National Defence College you can study in three professional areas: Warfare, National Security and Psychology

Bachelor Programmes

At Rakovski National Defence College you can specialise in the new bachelor’s program in the field of National Security.

Professional Courses

Rakovski National Defence College has a Vocational Training Center, which offers qualification and validation in 16 professions.

Former Minister

I'm a graduate of Rakovski National Defence College

The Military Alma Mater is not only a unique scientific and educational institution, but I am proud to note that it is also a school of patriotism. It is a natural impulse to keep the flame of pride and love for the Motherland by keeping its symbols alive. In this connection Rakovski National Defence College becomes a tribune of patriotism and guardian of national values.

Rakovski National Defence College is the oldest educational institution in Bulgaria

We, not only politicians, but also people like you – from the leadership, teaching and scientific staff of our higher education institutions, students and doctoral students, public figures – all of us today must strive to build on our character, to aim high, not to break easily and to have the energy to be the bearers of a leadership spirit, of public opinion, of a strong and proud temper, of traditions, patriotic values and a stance of Bulgarianness.

What is it like to be a student at Rakovski National Defence College?

I think that anyone who crosses the portal, the entrance to Rakovski National Defence College, has no way of not testing them. The buildings themselves, walking along the alleys, have preserved the spirit of our ancestors. So I think that for anyone who is dedicated to this profession – to be an officer, there is no way not to test them, because they are not forced to become officers. You have to want it, you have to be dedicated to the state.

Why did I choose to be a student at Rakovski National Defence College?

In the course of its historical development, Rakovski National Defence College has become the most important institution for higher military education in Bulgaria. Its authority is recognized not only nationally, but also far beyond the borders of the country. I express my deep respect for the leadership and teaching staff of the Academy, who, through their dedication and consistency, indisputable professionalism and competence, train and educate highly qualified personnel for the needs of the armed forces.