“Erasmus +” is the EU’s program to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Thanks to its budget of EUR 14.7 billion, it will enable over 4 million Europeans to study, do internships, gain experience and work as volunteers abroad.

About Erasmus+ Programme


The Erasmus sectoral program is part of Lifelong Learning, the largest European education and training program, which focuses on higher education and is one of the most successful initiatives of the European Commission.


Established in 1987, for more than 25 years the program has given students and teachers from all over Europe the opportunity to participate in academic and cultural exchanges across the continent.


The program includes all the members of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey, and also Switzerland, since 2011.

Mobility of teaching and non-teaching staff:

  1. Application for participation
  2. European Language Passport
  3. Mobility Agreement – staff mobility for teaching
  4. Mobility Agreement – staff mobility for training
  5. Privacy Statement
  6. Mobility contract for teaching / training staff
  7. Report-form
  8. Dossier – a set of mobility report documents

Mobility of military, civilian and PhD students:

  1. Selection Competition for Students and PhD Students for Mobility (Selection Procedure)
  2. Application for participation – military and civilian students
  3. Application for participation – PhD students
  4. European Language Passport
  5. Learning Agreement for studies
  6. Learning Agreement for studies – PhD students
  7. Learning Agreement for traineeships
  8. Privacy Statement
  9. Contract for Student Mobility for Study / Practice
  10. Report-form
  11. Student File – a set of Mobility Report documents
  12. Application for mobility acknowledgement